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Marguerite Tenot launches her first unisex top collection for spring 2022.
In collaboration with the artists Lysiane Ambrosino, Agoston Palinko, Nicolas Stolarczyck and Sara Vercheval who created the patterns.
A first meeting in Brussels, a few beers and the desire for flowers is confirmed.
After a confined winter, the urge to get out is growing. The desire to wake up, move, walk, dance is there.

This long-sleeved Belgian top can be worn under a sleeveless jumper, under a dress or thin strapped summer top.

It is composed of 86% of recycled polyester and 14% of elastan. It has been designed and produced in Brussels, Belgium and printed in the Netherlands. This is a very exclusive collection, only 60 items are available!

We'd like you to wear your new printemps top for your first outing in the sun with friends, to be that fun garment you put on for an afternoon of for a late crazy night party ..!

Marguerite Tenot

Colourful, fun and eco-responsible fashion. A bridge between haute couture and ready to wear.